Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Blog Has Moved

We've MOVED!

Just letting you know that if you want to continue following this blog that you will have to follow the new link:

Have Faith : Will Dream

I have had a comment from someone that isn't sure about following or hooking up, so let me explain. On the new blog there is a subscription box for getting an email from my blog when I write a new post. Or you can sign in as a 'Follower' on the bottom of the page, or you can join the Feed burner if that is what you know how to do. If you have questions about how to sign up, please just drop me a comment on the Interesting Thoughts at the bottom of each blog entry.

I won't be blogging on this blog anymore. The other blog is a family blog still; I just felt the need for something new and fresh, and this blog is SO heavy and big that it didn't seem a good idea to import it. I was afraid of losing stuff.

See you there! Please do come!

Blessings, Justine

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