Monday, January 31, 2011

The Deliciousness of Books!

There is nothing more delectable than a good book!! Some of my best Christmas gifts when I was a child were books. Just knowing that I had an exciting read to curl up with gave me the most wonderful feeling. My children are no exception. I do my very best to find books that enthrall each and every one.

This year I was most fortunate at Costco. I managed to find a trilogy for Cassidy of an exciting series I read years ago, plus, Curious George anthology for Cooper, a set of Geronimo Stilton books for Raine, a boxed set of Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Then I hit the jackpot. Dane is a hard boy to buy for. He doesn't read much. Well, I was thrilled to find these fat books full of 1940s comics about World War II. They are the original series bound with 12 comics in each volume. I was able to get three of them; one for Colt and two for Dane.


 The boys haven't put their books down since they got them. I love to have children that adore books!



darci said...

we love books!!! my basement is floor to ceiling bookshelves and my poor husband is on call to build more. :) great find with the WW books...sadly our costco is so far that i hardly ever get in andmiss the deals sometimes !:)

Hi from Ruth! said...

Oh, that is music to my ears, to hear that your kids love books. I so hope mine will turn out that way, too.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Costco for books. Almost every time I'm there, I get overwhelmed by the number of books I want to buy from there and it takes a lot to be able to resist them...and I often don't least ONE, I figure. They almost always have a great selection of kids' books.

Yes, Costco rules re: reasonably priced, current books.