Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Blog

I just wanted to be sure you all know the new blog is up and running. The funny thing is that I am still having huge hits over here, but that blog is not catching the viewers, so I am wondering if there is a problem. I did have one reader mention having problems figuring out the new blog, so is there a problem finding it?

The link is:     http://havefaithwilldream.blogspot.com

The family type posts will begin on that side soon. Right now I am finishing publishing the posts that were written in 2010. But I am working on the other blog. Right now, my heart has been drawn in another direction on that blog, but it will still be my family blog. Just with a different slant.

So I hope to see you over there. And don't forget, down at the bottom of the blog there are the links where you can sign up to follow: Blog follower; feedburner; email etc.


Douglas said...

I didn't have any problems finding and bookmarking the new blog, Justine. I'm looking forward to reading your 'new direction' for the new blog, and also enjoying updates on the house build and your Mum.


emily and mike said...

Hey Justine! I just found this today after you left a comment for me and I realized it was from a new blog address. I guess i missed this post!
Anyways, perhaps if you put something at the top of this blog more people will see it???

And thanks for the congrats on Holly. You're not the first person to say she has an ethnic look to her!