Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on My Mum

I have had people ask how my mum is doing. Thank you so much for caring and praying! She came out of ICU two days ago. She was on a regular ward. It is amazing how draining something like a burst appendix can be. Nothing keeps my mum down! In my whole life she probably took 'aspirin' a handful of times. So this has really been a whammy on her.

My mum and Dad live in a small community and have done so for about fifteen years. She is the backbone behind so many public activities. She gives her whole heart to anything she can. She is a self-less volunteer! One of her many responsibilities is writing the weekly column for the local newspaper for the area that they live in. I am sure they are missing her writing skills right about now! She is also usually treasurer for one event or another. I can only imagine they are all scrambling to fill the many shoes or hats she wore!

My dad called me tonight to tell me that last night they transferred her to our local hospital. What he didn't tell me before was that when they operated they found an abscess on her bowel. This was a second hit to her system. Then he told me that she was on oxygen because she has fluid on her lungs and is on oxygen. He thought it was related to her lying down, but then he said it was due to what she had been through, so I am not really sure.

Please, please keep praying for her!! Her whole life she was so healthy, until about four years ago, and at that time she was hit with so many scares: diverticulitis, nodules on her lungs (which were not dangerous, but for a while there were very frightening), breast cancer, and now this. She needs to regain her strength and her punch.

My dad said she is not out of the woods, yet. Honestly, that kind of unnerved me because I was kind of taking it for granted that she was on the mend, and then I found out about the second two medical issues. I have no clue how serious the fluid on her lungs is. She is not a spring chicken anymore, and it seems during winter and after people hit sixty that their bodies take longer to recover.

I am thankful she is local now, so I can take the children to see her and boost her spirits!

Thanks again.

Blessings, Justine

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