Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Friend From Switzerland

I don't think I posted on this yet, but in October of this year, we had the pleasure of a house guest for three weeks. Many years ago we immigrated from England. My mum's best friend also immigrated with her family. Her son is now married to a Swiss girl. It was his wife's second cousin that was traveling around the world and needing somewhere to work in Canada for the summer that came to visit us.

We found her a job at a ranch for six weeks and then after that she came to us for three weeks. I really didn't need a helper as my home is very organized and I didn't want someone else doing the kids chores.  But I knew that we would have the opportunity to have someone from another culture visiting us and that was a great idea. So we did it.

Brigitte arrived and the children welcomed her with open arms. They loved her right away. She was very easy to get along with and most helpful. I honestly think she had a pretty easy job with us, because I only called on her a couple times a day to help with dinner dishes with my son, since his big brother was working on the house, or to play with the children.

 A Visit to Canada Through the Lens of Brigitte's Camera


Walks to See the Horses
 Tightening Extensions

Then after a few days I realized there was something she could do that was very valuable! She could make cookie dough! That is one job that I do myself as I like them just so. But it is 20 minutes out of my week that I would gladly pass on to someone else. So make cookie dough she did!


Each day I had her do three batches and I kept storing them in the freezer. Brigitte made enough dough to make 180 DOZEN cookies! 2060 cookies!! We now have enough dough to keep us going for over six months!

As well as Brigitte making cookie dough, she assisted me in stirring the huge amount of granola I mixed up. I had granola drying in the oven daily for about two weeks!

Then one night Brigitte offered to make a meal that she is accustomed to. When she began she had no clue how big a recipe it would entail. It was like feeding an army!! It was very good!

The visit continued and these are some of the things the children and Brigitte encountered:

 Cooper Mimicking His Big Brother

 The kids were collecting pine cones to have a pine cone war. Poor little Briton was given this suitcase and told to fill it! You can see by the pulling action that he did a pretty good job!

 A New Game - Bouncy Tummies

 Home Hair Cut

 Brigitte had a real laugh when I got out the vacuum to clean up the hair all over Dane.


 Brigitte Taught Them How to Make a Xylophone

 She Was Very Brave Handling the Gerbil!

 Teenagers - You Never Know What They Will Wear Next!

Brigitte Had Never Seen Shopping Like This

Our Family

The Boys and Brigitte - What Fun She Gave Them All!!

While she was here they learned German, played cards, and games, and went on many walks to meet horses and play at the playground.

We really enjoyed her stay and it taught me I could have a Mother's Helper here to stay. I really don't need 'help', but having someone stay to be a big sister would be a wonderful thing. We hope to send Cassidy to Switzerland next year and if he does, he will look up Brigitte and her family.

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Linda said...

Now that is a lot of cookies. did they really last 6 months? My family would be eating the cookie dough raw straight out of the freezer. I think you should put in a double wall oven in your new home. I love mine and am amazed how often I use both. What clever ideas you had for using your guests help.